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 Tiranas Train Towers

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PostSubject: Tiranas Train Towers   Fri Feb 25, 2011 12:11 am

Tiranas Train Towers

Published on 05-01-2011 by
The Albanian city of Tirana could soon have two spangly new towers if proposals for a new development around the city's train station are approved.

Aptly, but maybe a tad obviously named the Train Station Towers, the design for the project is the work of Albanian architectural firm BaksvanWengerden, in collaboration with Cie architects.

With both standing at 85 metres, the intention is not to hit a breathtaking height but rather to be discreetly iconic.

Despite the obvious relation between the two towers each has been given its own specific look, the first having a rather haphazard stacked look while the other has a more tidy looking stacked block look.

Each have various voids set into the facades to allow for maximum light penetration and to form public spaces but these run vertically in one tower and horizontal in the other, like a brother and sister who while being the same have to have slight difference to mark their individuality. To enhance the towers relation to one and other common materials are used in both of towers glazed facades.

Each of the towers will house a mixture of office space, hotels and apartments as well as many public amenities such as restaurants, lounge bar and a health club, while tower B has underground access to a music pavilion in the nearby park.

It's hoped that the substantial public facilities within the towers will help ensure the integration of the project into the city rather than act as a development standing in glorious isolation. Still in the proposal stages there is currently no time frame for completion of the towers.
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Tiranas Train Towers
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