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 Music The film's score

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PostSubject: Music The film's score   Mon Feb 28, 2011 12:54 am


The film's score was composed by Alexandre Desplat. In a film about a man struggling to articulate himself, Desplat was wary of overshadowing the dramaturgy. He characterised the challenge: "This is a film about the sound of the voice. Music has to deal with that. Music has to deal with silence. Music has to deal with time."[27] The score is a sparse arrangement of strings and piano (with the addition of oboe and harp in one cut), intended to convey the sadness of the King's muteness, and then growing warmth of friendship between him and Logue. The minimalist approach emphasises the protagonist’s struggle for control in the story.[28] Desplat used the repetition of a single note to represent the stickiness of the King's speech.[27] As the film progresses growing banks of warm strings swaddle the deepening friendship between the two leads, to a climax in the coronation scene. Hooper originally wanted to film the scene without music, though Desplat argued that it was the real climax of the story, the point when the friendship was ratified by their decision to trust each other. "That is really rare", said Desplat, "Mostly you have love stories".[27] To create a period sound the score was recorded on microphones which had been specially made for the royal family, extracted from the EMI archives.[27] The score was nominated for several awards including "Best Original Score" at the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAs. The music played during broadcast of the 1939 radio speech at the climax of the film is from the 2nd movement (Allegretto) of Beethoven's 7th Symphony.[29]
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Music The film's score
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